Mine is the root of all my evil. Yours is too, probably.

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Consider the following familiar characters: the boss who berates you when you (rightfully) point out their mistake, the employee who becomes defensive and blames others when you (rightfully) question their lack of progress, the friend who gossips maliciously about mutual acquaintances, the date who lists all their (many) past conquests without you having asked, the stranger who brags egregiously about their idyllic lifestyle or virtuous pursuits…

I have seen many examples of the above behaviours and, to my eternal shame, have behaved in some such ways myself. …

Photo by Harli Marten on Unsplash

I have suffered from OCD since the age of twelve. Two decades later I admitted to needing professional help.

My first session went something like this: I sat in a chair facing her, unsure as to whether I was ‘doing it right’. The last time I found myself in such a set-up was at a job interview, so perhaps my nervousness was understandable. After a few pleasantries, initiated mostly by me for lack of knowing what else to say, she simply asked, “And how are you?”.

Instantly my jaw clenched, my throat ached from the lump that had formed and…

Amber Grey

Family-woman, part-time worker, always striving to improve myself.

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